Cross01.gif, 128 x 98, (click here) to download

Cross02.gif, 85 x 125, (click here) to download

3Angels.gif, 128 x 46, (click here) to download

3Angels-b.gif, 88 x 31, (click here) to download

Linking Directions
  • Download our button to your computer.
  • Highlight the appropriate linking code in the box by clicking and holding the left mouse button and moving the cursor over the text. It should turn color. Now right click with your mouse a second time and select "copy" from the dropdown menu.
  • Next click (Start) - (Programs) - (Accessories) - (Notepad). Click your left mouse button a second time and choose paste from the menu. The HTML code you just copied from our site will be pasted to the notepad.
  • Save the file as LightLinks.htm.
  • Open your HTML Editor and copy the button's html code from LightLinks.htm to your Web page. (Be sure to change (img src=" to the location of the banner on your server.
  • Save the revised HTML page and upload it and the button to your server.
  • Lastly, test the button and code after uploading to make sure the link works properly.

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