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Internet Filter Freeware

MisterPrivacy: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
All Operating Systems: Download Program
MisterPrivacy is an anonymous proxy service in both english and spanish which allows you to surf the Web without the normal invasions to you personal privacy. If you are getting tired of being profiled by invasive ISP's and marketers, then it's time to be anonymous on the Web. MisterPrivacy hides your IP address behind theirs so when you visit Web sites it is their IP which is seen in the logs and not yours. They also stop advertising, malicious Web scripts which can steal credit cards and passwords. Referrers which tell the next site you visit where you came from last and more.

IE-SPYAD: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/: Download Program
IE-SPYAD is a Registry file that adds a long list of known advertisers, marketers, and sypware pushers to the Restricted sites zone of Internet Explorer. Once IE-ADS.REG is "merged" into your Registry, most direct marketers and spyware pushers will not be able to resort to their usual "tricks" (e.g., cookies, scripts, popups, etc) in order to monitor and track your behavior while you surf the Net. IE-SPYAD will stop obnoxious Web sites from installing spyware behind your back via "drive-by-downloads," or hijacking your home page and other key Internet Explorer settings. Prevent the use of ActiveX, Java, and scripting, all of which are active content technologies that can be employed to push obnoxious advertising on you and compromise your privacy and security. Block the cookies typically attached to banner ads and which are used to monitor and track your travels around the Internet. Reduce the number of obnoxious script-based popups that clutter your screen and force unwanted advertising on you. 218 K

Surfers need to take charge of their own security, experts say.
Exerpt from PC World
"Elsa Wenzel, Medill News Service - Thursday, May 15, 2003

WASHINGTON, D.C. "Consumers are their own worst enemies when it comes to protecting their privacy online, according to experts and privacy advocates. They use their names as passwords, don't update their antivirus software, and don't install firewalls to keep hackers out of their home PCs." Read the complete article by clicking the link above!

Privoxy: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Windows/Unix/Linux/: Download Program
Privoxy is a Web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering Web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks. Setup instructions are on the Web site but for a quick start download the program, install it to your machine. Change the proxy server in your browser to Port 8118, restart, visit Google, search for Web marketing, click on one of the entries and enjoy ad free, banner free, pop-up free, Web surfing. (Download size depends on O.S.).

Parents Friend: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000: Download Program
Freeware security tool for parents, bosses and other people who allow other persons to use their PC but donīt permit them doing anything they want. Easily recognize what happend in your absence by making restrictions. NEW: Create a list of allowed programs in User profiles. No other access will be permitted to your system. AND: You can give all users a daily and a weekly time limit. Programs can be closed automatically after a given time, all other programs then need the main password to start. 2.2 MB

iDcide: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT: Download Program
IDcide's award-winning privacy companion helps you surf the Web comfortably. Privacy Companion: Protects your privacy. Lets you know who may be tracking you on the Web. Enables you to block third-party cookies without impairing your browsing experience. Privacy Companion is a very user-friendly browser add-on for Internet Explorer that you can download free. 1.3 MB

System Security Suite: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Windows/Linux: Download Program
System Security Suite (3S) is the program to remove internet tracks and junk files from your computer. It allows you to delete Cookies, clear Internet Explorer Cache, delete index.dat Files, clear Typed URLs, Windows Temp Folder and much more. You can also specify custom folder locations with file masks, which will be cleaned in addition to the selected items. In addition, the program allows you to view and optionally remove programs that launch automatically at Windows startup as well as Browser Helper Objects. 268 K

Serenity Ad Blocker: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Windows/Linux: Download Program
Serenity Ad Blocker is a free program that prevents banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, cookies, blinking text, unending animated GIF looping, referer strings, script-ads, window resizing, link hiding and more. Serenity works with every popular operating system and Web browser. It features logging options, a simple text file lists all blocked sites and site/path combinations, and it comes with many sites blocked already. Windows 93 K, Linux 42 K

Startup-Mechanic: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win95/98/NT/2000/XP/: Download Program
Keep your PC running faster, cleaner, and error-free with Startup-Mechanic. Startup-Mechanic will scan your system for known data mining, advertising, and tracking components (spyware), and rid your system of these tracking components, allowing you to maintain a higher degree of privacy while you surf the Web. Startup-Mechanic will hunt down and remove junk and obsolete programs running, freeing up RAM and significantly increasing your system performance. 721 K

SpywareGuard: Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award Angel Award
Win98/NT/2000/XP/: Download Program
SpywareGuard provides a real-time protection solution against spyware and is a great addition to SpywareBlaster's protection method. An anti-virus program scans files before you open them and prevents execution if a virus is detected - SpywareGuard does the same thing, but for spyware! And you can easily have an anti-virus program running alongside SpywareGuard. Features Listing: Fast Real-Time Scanning engine - catch and block spyware before it is executed (EXE and CAB files supported) with signature-based scanning for known spyware and heuristic/generic detection capabilities to catch new mutated spyware. Download Protection to prevent spyware from being download in Internet. Explorer Browser Hijacking Protection stops browser hijacking activity in real-time SG LiveUpdate - provides an easy updating solution. Small size - with a small size and small definition sizes, download and updates are quick. Report Capabilities - keep a detailed log of all spyware detected. Spyware files are blocked before being opened or run - they are not simply shut down after they are loaded in memory (and after they have performed their tasks.) 914 K

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